• Daniel Wright

The Case Against Tech Repair Snobbery

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

Snobbery often puts people off getting into electronics repair. There are far too many people who like to give the impression that they know best or there’s something clever about what they do. To me that kind of attitude only serves to feed the inflated egos and economic self interests of those saying it.

Small computer repair businesses can be just as mean spirited as corporations when it comes to dissuading people from doing their own repairs. This industry is full of arrogant pricks who deride and insult anyone who has the audacity to try fixing their own stuff. I used to be part of a private Tech repair group on Facebook who were utterly vile towards anyone seeking advice. When a ‘noob’ asked a question about a piece of kit or a technique, it was like trying to get Colonel Saunders secret recipe.

These idiots frequently answered questions with phrases like, ‘BEWARE! This is level 10 stuff best left to the pro’s’.

Like they are full on Kung Fu Ninja masters or something!

I wouldn’t mind but the collective knowledge of these people is abysmal. It amounts to nothing more than a bunch of information they pass amongst themselves like a scabby STD! It should be considered folklore rather than fact.

I’ve taught 14 year old kids who put them to shame.

I wouldn’t be as bad if they were at the top of their game but they’re not. The only thing they are good at is gathering in groups on Facebook or Reddit and looking down their noses at people, especially the customers who pay them. It really infuriates me when they present personal opinions as professionally qualified facts.

Even more so when they mention their actual qualifications!

The only qualifications you need for this job are patience, determination (the grimmer the better!) and a willingness to learn and adapt. If you have those, it’s a remarkably simple job and there’s nothing particularly clever about it.

If I can do it, any idiot can!

By comparison, the people who are at the top of their game tend to be exceptionally helpful. Check out iFixit.com, Jessa Jones, Electronics Repair School or Louis Rossman on the YouTubes. These people don’t mind guiding you through how it’s done and are happy to share their knowledge.

So don’t be put off by these condescending snobs. What these people are really saying to you is, “If you can do it yourself, it means I’m not as clever or as special as I keep telling you I am.”

And the truth is, they’re really not!

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