• Daniel Wright

New Day, New Website.

It's taken a while but I've finally created a Website I'm happy with. This is probably my fourth attempt and this time I've given in and used a Wix template. Up until now I've been trying to create a unique site with my own images and layouts but the simple fact is, it didn't work. I'm not a web designer and judging by my past creations, I never will be!

But that's okay, I never claimed to be…

This time, I’ve stuck to the page layouts, stock images and fonts. The only thing I’ve changed are a couple of colours to match the overall design profile of my business. The red in my logo didn’t fit with the templates purple or any of the other colour schemes.

Okay so the site isn’t what I originally envisaged but on the whole it’s neat, tidy and functional. It also loads much quicker on mobile devices. Only time will tell if it works...

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