• Daniel Wright

Mac v's PC Nonsense

I’ve always found the whole Mac versus PC, Apple versus Microsoft, Windows versus OS thing a bit silly. Fanatically aligning yourself with one colossal corporation against another seems like a really odd thing to do. I’ve seen no evidence from either of these soulless entities that loyalty to their customers is reciprocated beyond the point of purchase.

Personally I can think of far more worthy causes to nail my flag to than the logo on a box full of chips and code.

That’s what Apple and Microsoft have done. They have cleverly turned themselves into a cause.

It’s not a computer, it’s a way of life. It’s not a tablet, it’s a belief system. It’s not about quality or reliability or value for money, it’s about eliciting a cult like response from users and ignoring these basic tenets.

Like most things in life, there’s nothing wrong with having a preference. One brand might suit your needs better than the other. The tool most useful to me is a desktop PC, but that’s where my allegiance starts and ends. I really don’t care what Bill Gates has to say about anything but I do care if the next Windows 10 update wipes out half of my files. I couldn’t care less if Apple are moving from Intel chips to ARM but I will care if those machines cost more than the average person can afford and if they don’t work properly.

So in answer to the question, Mac or PC?


I prefer the one that works exactly as it should, does exactly what I was told it would do and it costs me exactly what it’s worth!

Sadly neither Apple or Microsoft have built that one yet, so I’m reserving my judgement until they do…

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